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Welcome to our world!

Here you will be able to see and read about the past, present and some near future events of the lives of Kimberly and Robert Inzano.  The story of how the two of them meet.  The untold story of the day before and the day of their wedding.  Their honeymoon to the Bahamas.  Places that they go, people they meet.  Originations that they belong to.  Up coming classes, that Robert's going to teach.  So stop back every once in a while to see everything that is new and happening in their lives.


Calendar of up coming events


CEVO II - December 5th 11:00

Personal Events:

  • Maryann's Birthday - October 31th - Party at moms on October 30th @ 6:00 pm till midnight

  • Uncle Andy's 60th Birthday Party - November 7th 6:00 pm @ Kathy and Andy's house