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As with all stories, it began with two people.   It all started on a chilly day in the beginning of February, when Kimberly received a phone call from her girlfriend Jessica.  Jessica called to see if Kimberly wanted to go out to a night club. Kimberly told Jessica that she really didn’t want to go out.  For Kimberly had been taking trips up to Pennsylvania to visit her grand father that was sick in the hospital.  Jessica knew of this and insisted that Kimberly come out with her, because she needed to have a night out of fun to get her mind off her grand father.  So Kimberly agreed to go. Jessica said “OK, I’ll pick you up around 8:00pm.”

At exactly 8:00 Jessica drove up the rock driveway to Kimberly's mother's house.  Jessica knocked on the door. Kimberly answered and said "come in for a minute, I want to use the bathroom before we leave." Jessica said "OK".  So they both used the bathroom then headed out the door and got into Jessica's car.

"So where are we headed to?" Kimberly asked.  Jessica said "we'll I thought we would go meet up with Tommy"  Tommy was Jessica's boyfriend that worked as a bouncer at a club called Polyesters. Kimberly asked "So where is this place?" Jessica replied "it's down route 1 in Princeton" "cool" Kimberly replied.

So, on their drive they listened to some music that was on the radio.  Kimberly asked "So how are things going with you and Tommy?" Jessica replied "We're doing well! We have been dating for about two weeks now." Than a song came on the radio and they started to sing along.  Before the two of them could even realize, they were making the turn off of the highway to club.

They got out of the car and proceeded to enter the club.  Tommy was standing by the door checking ID's and smiling ear to ear, when he seen Jessica walking his way.   He said "hello to you must be Kim?"  "Jessica's told me a little about you." "It's nice to finally meet you!" Kim smiled and said "it's nice to finally meet you to Tommy." Than followed the two of them into the back corner of the club. Where they found a table with a guy standing by it. Tommy said "Jess, Kim this is my buddy Robbie." "Robbie this is my girl Jess and her friend Kim." Robert said "hello nice to meet you both." Than he took a sip of his rum and coke. That's when Tommy asked "Jessie would you like to dance?" Jessie replied "sure!" Than Tommy took her hand and lead her to the dance floor.  Robert took another another sip of his drink. "So where are you from?" Robert asked. Kimberly looked over at Robert and replied "I'm from Milltown how about you?"  Robert replied "Franklin-Somerset"