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Our Wedding

It all started September 14th, 2005 in a small hotel named theRob and Kim Double Tree in Franklin-Somerset, NJ.  When Kimberly, her mother Barbra, her sister Maryann and her niece Cynthia checked into their rooms.  Mean while downstairs in the lobby Robert was checking in at the front desk.  Threw telephone conversation they all found out that everyone checked in and everyone was hungry.  When Barbara said don't worry I thought of that too.   So everyone went downstairs to Barbara's room, to only find that mom had bought KFC for everyone.   Everyone sat down and had dinner together.  Kimberly mentioned to Cynthia "did you see the pool? It was one of the reasons I picked this hotel.  How about going swimming before bed?"  Cynthia's eyes lit up with joy as if she was given the most precious gift in the world.  So after dinner they all set out clothes for the morning got in their swim suites and went for a swim.  Around 9:30pm Barbara came down to the pool and said "OK kids, I think it's time for everyone to get out."   So Cynthia got out and Robert, Kimberly and Maryann stayed behind.

Robert got a phone call from is father Frank.  He was at The Corner Tavern (Roberts family's owned bar) and finishing up his shift and getting ready to go home.  He was checking on Robert to see if he was forgetting anything. For this was the ending day of the night before his oldest son wedding day.   Robert than asked Kim and Maryann "do you want anything, dad's going to stop by!"  Mary said "a couple of beers would be nice." Kim said "maybe some wine coolers." Frank said "Ok, I'll see you in a while."

So Robert said "I'll walk you two back to your rooms. I'm going to go up to my room, change and I'll be back down."  So Maryann and Kimberly went into their room to change.  Mary said "I'll be right back, I'm going to go out for a smoke."  When Kimberly was finished getting changed she knocked on the inside door to her mom's room.  Cynthia with a sad face opens the door.  "What's wrong?" Kimberly asked.  Cynthia said "I still want to swim" Kimberly stated "but than your curlers would get all tangled, and than they won't be pretty for tomorrow." Cynthia said "I know!"

That's when we heard a knock on the window.  It was Maryann "Oh my god, I just got followed by a frog!" We all just looked at her and started laughing.